We inherited the house from our late grand mother Marija Vogelnik and our late mother Mojca Vogelnik.  When we got it, the house was in bad conditions, so we decided to put in a lot of time, work and effort. Through out the years we managed to renovate it in a unique artistic way with attention to the fairy worlds of Bohinj. The house is representing a brother-sister bond and our relationship to the place of Bohinj.

Javor Škerlj Vogelnik

I am a professor of Sports Science and used to teach skiing and surfing for many years. Nowadays i am inspired by  music, poetry, artistic woodcrafting (www.panlights.com), dance, connection with nature and people. I am learning a process of contemporary practice through movement called Movement Medicine, and Nonviolent communication which aims to co-create a quality of connection with people where the needs of everybody can be met through joyful giving.

For me Bohinj represents a connection with the magical inspirations of nature and the beauty of the poetic expression of its fairy inhabitants. My woodworking, artistic renovation of the house interior and the energetic garden with several wooden sculptures is dedicated to the inspiration of this place.

Mojra Vogelnik Škerlj

In 2010 I moved to the Netherlands, where I work together with my partner in the international field of contemporary dance under the company name The100Hands. Our performances often take place off theatre stages, where we invite an active role of the audience within the performance. The themes that intrigue us spring forth from inter-human relationships, like intimacy, trust as well as unpredictability.  Here you can read more about the projects and see short clips of the performances.

Next to dance we are both dedicated practitioners of yoga and strong promoters of susainable life-style: if only possible we travel by train, at home we bake organic bread, in a shop or on the market we always bring textile bags with us, we wear 2nd hand clothes or produced by responsible European companyes… In August 2017 we awaited our first child.

Since I moved to Central Europe my awareness of the beauty and advantages of Slovenia has grown more then ever before: excellent food quality, wild nature and a climat, that anable anything between a summer dive in the sea or akes to a winter skiing or trekking in the mountain snow… I find Bohinj as one of the biggest treasures, where I try to dedicate together with Javor twice a year time for care of the house we inherited. At the same time is this time also a search for balance between our wishes and perceptions through respect and coexistance.